Services Overview

We offer a comprehensive Agro training and exchange business that benefits our customers and local people as well as Internations.

Agro Consultancy Centre

Knowledge and skills sharing on Permaculture Designs and Sustainable Agro Products, processes markets.

International & Local Exchange Program Facilitation/Internership programs

Scheduling of skills and kmowledge exchange programs including people and resources locally and internationally.

Agro skills & resources placement

Enabling local and international partners to acess and share skills and experiences across local and international boundaries.

Organic Farming

Oyster while Mushroom, cow peas, Maize, Peppers, Paprika, vegetables & fruits, Irish Potatoes etc.Contracting farming for Organic foods and seeds.

Herbs and spices Farming

A wide range of Herbs including STEVIA, Moringa, Lemon grass, Artemesia etc.

Seed Distribution

True Potatoe Seeds, STEVIA seeds & cuttings, vegetables seeds and Fruit Nurseries.

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