About Us

Our Vision

Sustainable Living Solutions Limited is an Afro not for profit company limited by gurantee Headquartered in Malawi with operations throughout Sub Saharan Africa with a vision to acquire, receive, orangise ans share sustainable, prpfitable and fairly share knowledge systems and skills for Agro business value chains in Malawi, Africa and beyond.

We aim to establish and develop an international Agro values chain training school and exchange centre for enhanced Agro skills and processes.

  • Agro Consultancy

  • Agro Skills relations

  • Agro Business

  • International & Local Exchange Program Facilitation

Our Mission & Objectives

To empower individuals and communities through knowledge and skills sharing a sustainable lifestyle. We believe that is is only when people live within the natural life cycle of sustainable ecosystems that a healthy and sustaianble life style is promoted and preserved.

To facilitate the sharing of Permaculture through local and international skills exchange programs that effectively share knowledge and skills.

Our Values

  • Transparency
    We value transparency in all things and across our stakholders. We deal in a transparent manner in all things.
  • Fair Share
    We believe in a fair shar across the value chain. Fair share to our customers, our employeses and all our stakeholders. Everyone is entitled to fairness in all our dealings.
  • Accountability & Responsibility
    We hold the principles of Accountability and responsibility dear. We are accountable and responsible to our customers and all our stakeholders.
  • People
    We believe that all our actions must benefit people. Our people include our employees, our customers and all our stakeholders. We intentionally and strategically develop programs to develop all our people including communities.